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#! /usr/bin/env python
import os
import datetime
import time
import pprint
import csv
import glob
import sys
from pymongo import MongoClient
portNum = 27017
flightsDir = ""
# Get the environment variables for the port number and the directory for the flights csv file
portNum = int(os.environ["PORT"])
flightDir = os.environ["FLIGHTS"]
except KeyError:
print "Please set the environment variables $PORT and $FLIGHTS."
# Start a connection to the mongod instance
client = MongoClient("localhost", portNum)
coll = client["flying"]["flights"]
# ALL fields
fields = ["year", "quarter", "month", "dayOfMonth", "dayOfWeek"
, "date", "carrierId", "airlineId", "carrier", "tailNum"
, "flightNum", "origAirportId", "origCityId", "origAirport"
, "origCity", "origStateId", "origState", "origWAC", "destAirportId"
, "destCityId", "destAirport", "destCity", "destStateId", "destState"
, "destWAC", "crsDepTime", "depTime", "depDelay", "taxiOut", "wheelsOff"
, "wheelsOn", "taxiIn", "crsArrTime", "arrTime", "arrDelay","cancelled"
, "cancelCode", "diverted", "crsElapsedTime", "elapsedTime"
, "airTime", "numFlights", "distance", "carrierDelay"
, "weatherDelay", "nasDelay", "securityDelay", "lateAircraftDelay"
, "numDivAirportLandings", "divReachedDest", "divElapsedTime"
, "divArrDelay", "divDistance"]
# integer fields
integerFields = ["year", "quarter", "month", "dayOfMonth"
, "dayOfWeek", "airlineId", "flightNum", "origAirportId"
, "origCityId", "origWAC", "destAirportId", "destCityId", "destWAC"
, "depDelay", "taxiOut", "taxiIn","arrDelay", "crsElapsedTime"
, "elapsedTime", "airTime", "numFlights", "distance"
, "carrierDelay", "weatherDelay", "nasDelay", "securityDelay"
, "lateAircraftDelay", "numDivAirportLandings"
, "divElapsedTime", "divArrDelay", "divDistance"]
# boolean fields
booleanFields = ["diverted", "divReachedDest"]
# time fields
timeFields = ["crsDepTime", "depTime", "wheelsOff"
, "wheelsOn", "crsArrTime", "arrTime"]
correspondingTimeFields = {"crsDepTime": "crsArrTime"
, "depTime" : "arrTime"
, "wheelsOff": "wheelsOn"}
# fields that should have indices on them to speed up computations
indexFields = ["depDelay", "arrDelay", "tailNum", "origStateId"
, "depStateId"]
Takes in a doc, and corrects all the dates that are initially incorrect.
This includes arriving the next day and or delays causing next day flights
def correctDays(doc):
# Some flights actually leave and or arrive the day or days after
# their schedule.
if "crsDepTime" in doc and "depDelay" in doc:
flewDate = doc["crsDepTime"] + datetime.timedelta(minutes=doc["depDelay"])
# if the scheduled and actual times are on different days
if != doc["crsDepTime"].day:
doc["depTime"] = flewDate
if "crsArrTime" in doc and "arrDelay" in doc:
arrDate = doc["crsArrTime"] + datetime.timedelta(minutes=doc["arrDelay"])
if != doc["crsArrTime"].day:
doc["arrTime"] = arrDate
# If the arrival time is before the departure time, this means that
# the plane actually arrived the next day, need to change manually
for attr, value in correspondingTimeFields.items():
if attr in doc and value in doc and doc[attr] > doc[value]:
doc[value] = doc[value] + datetime.timedelta(days=1)
return doc
lsToDoc -
takes in a line from the csv and "prepares" a new doc to be inserted
into a MongoDB collection
def lsToDoc(ls):
doc = dict(zip(fields, ls))
# first parse the date, docs missing the date is useless
if "date" not in doc:
return {}
date = time.strptime(doc["date"], "%Y-%m-%d")
doc["date"] = datetime.datetime(date.tm_year, date.tm_mon, date.tm_mday)
date = doc["date"]
# delete "cancelled", it becomes 0 in cancelCode
del doc["cancelled"]
for attr, value in doc.items():
# delete any empty columns
if not isinstance(value, datetime.datetime) and len(value) == 0:
del doc[attr]
elif attr in integerFields:
doc[attr] = int(float(value))
elif attr in booleanFields:
doc[attr] = bool(value)
elif attr in timeFields:
# All time fields aside from date of flight comes in the form
# hrmn where hour is in 1 to 24 and min is 00 to 59
hour, mins = int(value[:len(value)-2]), int(value[len(value)-2:])
if hour == 24:
hour = 0
# this is the next day
date = date + datetime.timedelta(days=1)
doc[attr] = datetime.datetime(date.year, date.month,, \
hour, mins)
elif attr == "cancelCode":
# cancellation codes: A, B, C, D. Set as binary
# mapping { A:1, B:2, C:3, D:4 }
doc[attr] = ord(value)-64
doc = correctDays(doc)
return doc
Given the port number, flights directory, and mongo collection client
import the data in the files into mongoDB using bulk insertion
def importFiles():
# Iterate through the files in the Flights directory
for fname in glob.glob(flightsDir + "/*.csv"):
print "Importing file ", fname
with open(fname, "r") as f:
# skip the first line in the file, it's a column header line
# bulkData is used for bulk insertion to speed up the insertion time
bulkData = []
reader = csv.reader(f, delimiter=",", quotechar="\"")
numDone = 0
for line in reader:
# Turn a line into a MongoDB document
doc = lsToDoc(line)
# Discard lines that aren't useful if they don't have date
if len(doc) > 0:
# Insert the data once the list reaches 1,000
if len(bulkData) % 1000 == 0:
numDone += 1000
if numDone % 100000 == 0:
print str(numDone) + " documents have been inserted so far."
bulkData = []
# Add the straggler data
def createIndices():
for index in indexFields:
print "Creating index for ", index
if __name__ == "__main__":
print "====FINISHED IMPORTING===="