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#! /usr/bin/env python
import os
import datetime
import time
import pprint
import csv
import glob
import sys
from pymongo import MongoClient
portNum = 27017
flightsDir = ""
# Get the environment variables for the port number and the directory for the flights csv file
portNum = int(os.environ['PORT'])
flightsDir = os.environ["FLIGHTS"]
except KeyError:
print "Please set the environment variables $PORT and $FLIGHTS"
# Start a connection to the mongod instance
client = MongoClient("localhost", portNum)
coll = client["flying"]["flights"]
takes in a line in the list and 'prepares' a new doc to be inserted into the MongoDB
def setAircraftAge(ls, mongoCollClient):
# fields to include
# note: "n-number" is assumed to start with an N
fields = ["nNumber", "yearMfr"]
fieldcols = [0, 4]
# Only get the fields that we want
newls = [ls[i].strip() for i in fieldcols]
doc = dict(zip(fields, newls))
# yearMfr should be stored as an integer
if len(doc["yearMfr"]) > 0:
doc["yearMfr"] = int(doc["yearMfr"])
# calculate age of flights
age = 2013 - doc["yearMfr"]
# store in flights collection in flying database
mongoCollClient.update( { "tailNum": "N"+doc["nNumber"] }
, {"$set": {"age" : age}}
, multi= True)
Add the Age of flights according to the MASTER directory
def addAge(flightsDir, mongoCollClient):
with open(flightDir + "/MASTER.txt", "r") as f:
# ifnore header
reader = csv.reader(f, delimiter=",")
read = 0
for line in reader:
setAircraftAge(line, mongoCollClient)
read += 1
if read % 1000 == 0:
print read
if __name__ == "__main__":
addAge(flightsDir, coll);
print "====FINISHED ADDING AGE===="