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MongoDB F# Driver Prototype

This is a prototype MongoDB driver written for F#. The goal of this driver is to make using MongoDB from F# more natural by defining new ways to express database/collection operations that are idiomatic to the language.

Special Notes

The API and implementation are currently subject to change at any time. You must not use this driver in production, as it is still under development and is in no way supported by MongoDB, Inc.

We absolutely encourage you to experiment with it and provide us feedback on the API, design, and implementation. Bug reports and suggestions for improvements are welcomed, as are pull requests.


  • F# 3.0


The F# driver has been developed on top of the refactored Core .NET driver. This new Core .Net driver is still in development as well, and hence unavailable on NuGet. Thus, the branch has been setup as a submodule. This is intended to change in the future.

git submodule update --init
<compile mongo-csharp-driver>
<compile mongo-fsharp-driver-prototype>


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