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package dependency
import "os"
// CreatesFile describes a task that is only ready to run if
// a specific file doesn't exist. Specify that file as the FileName
// attribute, or to the NewCreatesFile constructor.
type CreatesFile struct {
FileName string `bson:"file_name" json:"file_name" yaml:"file_name"`
T TypeInfo `bson:"type" json:"type" yaml:"type"`
// NewCreatesFileInstance builds a new CreatesFile object,
// used in the factory function for the registry, and for cases when
// the dependent file is not known at construction time.
func NewCreatesFileInstance() *CreatesFile {
c := &CreatesFile{
T: TypeInfo{
Name: Create,
Version: 0,
JobEdges: *NewJobEdges(),
return c
// NewCreatesFile constructs a CreatesFile object
// in cases when the dependent FileName is known at object creation
// time.
func NewCreatesFile(name string) *CreatesFile {
c := NewCreatesFileInstance()
c.FileName = name
return c
// State returns Ready if the dependent file does not exist or is not
// specified, and Passed if the file *does* exist. Jobs with Ready
// states should be executed, while those with Passed states should be
// a no-op.
func (d *CreatesFile) State() State {
if d.FileName == "" {
return Ready
if _, err := os.Stat(d.FileName); os.IsNotExist(err) {
return Ready
return Passed
// Type returns the type information on the "creates-file" Manager
// implementation.
func (d *CreatesFile) Type() TypeInfo {
return d.T