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Dependencies have methods to add or access Edges of the task. These
allow Jobs, by way of their dependencies to express relationships
between Jobs. Fundamentally managing Job ordering is a property of a
Queue implementation, but these methods allow tasks to express their
dependencies on other tasks as a hint to Queue
implementations. Separately, queue implementation checks the
environment to ensure that all prerequisites are satisfied.
package dependency
import ""
// JobEdges provides a common subset of a non-trivial Manager
// implementation. These objects provide two methods of the Manager
// interface, and keep track of the relationships between Jobs in a
// job queue.
type JobEdges struct {
TaskEdges []string `bson:"edges" json:"edges" yaml:"edges"`
edgesSet map[string]bool
// NewJobEdges returns an initialized JobEdges object.
func NewJobEdges() *JobEdges {
return &JobEdges{
TaskEdges: []string{},
edgesSet: make(map[string]bool),
// Edges returns a copy of JobEdges.Edges list of edges for this
// slice. As a result, adding or removing items from this slice does
// not affect other readers, and this object *only* reflects changes to
// the dependencies made after calling this method.
func (e *JobEdges) Edges() []string {
output := make([]string, len(e.TaskEdges))
copy(output, e.TaskEdges)
return output
// AddEdge adds an edge to the dependency tracker. If the edge already
// exists, this operation returns an error.
func (e *JobEdges) AddEdge(name string) error {
if len(e.TaskEdges) != len(e.edgesSet) {
// this is probably the case when we're re-reading an
// instance from the DB. we'll just rehydrate things
// here.
for _, edge := range e.TaskEdges {
e.edgesSet[edge] = true
if _, ok := e.edgesSet[name]; ok {
return errors.Errorf("edge '%s' already exists", name)
// TODO we probably need a lock here, but maybe not?
e.edgesSet[name] = true
e.TaskEdges = append(e.TaskEdges, name)
return nil