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package dependency
// TypeInfo describes the type information that every dependency
// implementation should provide in its Type() implementation.
type TypeInfo struct {
Name string `json:"name" bson:"name" yaml:"name"`
Version int `json:"version" bson:"version" yaml:"version"`
// Manager objects provide a way for Jobs and queues to communicate
// about dependencies between multiple Jobs. While some, indeed many
// Job implementations, will have dependencies that *always* trigger
// rebuilds, others will be able to specify a dependency that a queue
// implementation can use to order Jobs.
type Manager interface {
// Reports the state of the dependency, and allows calling
// tasks to determine if the dependencies for a Job have been
// satisfied.
State() State
// Computes and returns a list of Job IDs that this task
// depends on. While the State() method is ultimately
// responsible for determining if a Dependency is resolved,
// the Edges() function provides Queue implementations with a
// way of (potentially) dependencies.
Edges() []string
// Adds new edges to the dependency manager.
AddEdge(string) error
// Returns a pointer to a DependencyType object, which is used
// for serializing Dependency objects, when needed.
Type() TypeInfo