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package job
import (
// ShellJob is an amboy.Job implementation that runs shell commands in
// the context of an amboy.Job object.
type ShellJob struct {
Command string `bson:"command" json:"command" yaml:"command"`
Output string `bson:"output" json:"output" yaml:"output"`
WorkingDir string `bson:"working_dir" json:"working_dir" yaml:"working_dir"`
Env map[string]string `bson:"env" json:"env" yaml:"env"`
Base `bson:"job_base" json:"job_base" yaml:"job_base"`
// NewShellJob takes the command, as a string along with the name of a
// file that the command would create, and returns a pointer to a
// ShellJob object. If the "creates" argument is an empty string then
// the command always runs, otherwise only if the file specified does
// not exist. You can change the dependency with the SetDependency
// argument.
func NewShellJob(cmd string, creates string) *ShellJob {
j := NewShellJobInstance()
j.Command = cmd
if creates != "" {
j.SetID(fmt.Sprintf("shell-job-%d-%s", GetNumber(), strings.Split(cmd, " ")[0]))
return j
// NewShellJobInstance returns a pointer to an initialized ShellJob
// instance, but does not set the command or the name. Use when the
// command is not known at creation time.
func NewShellJobInstance() *ShellJob {
j := &ShellJob{
Env: make(map[string]string),
Base: Base{
JobType: amboy.JobType{
Name: "shell",
Version: 1,
return j
// Run executes the shell commands. Add keys to the Env map to modify
// the environment, or change the value of the WorkingDir property to
// set the working directory for this command. Captures output into
// the Output attribute, and returns the error value of the command.
func (j *ShellJob) Run(ctx context.Context) {
defer j.MarkComplete()
grip.Debugf("running %s", j.Command)
args := strings.Split(j.Command, " ")
cmd := exec.CommandContext(ctx, args[0], args[1:]...)
cmd.Dir = j.WorkingDir
cmd.Env = j.getEnVars()
output, err := cmd.CombinedOutput()
defer j.mutex.Unlock()
j.Output = strings.TrimSpace(string(output))
func (j *ShellJob) getEnVars() []string {
if len(j.Env) == 0 {
return []string{}
output := []string{}
for k, v := range j.Env {
output = append(output, strings.Join([]string{k, v}, "="))
return output