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package queue
import (
// LocalLimitedSize implements the amboy.Queue interface, and unlike
// other implementations, the size of the queue is limited for both
// incoming tasks and completed tasks. This makes it possible to use
// these queues in situations as parts of services and in
// longer-running contexts.
// Specify a capacity when constructing the queue; the queue will
// store no more than 2x the number specified, and no more the
// specified capacity of completed jobs.
type limitedSizeLocal struct {
channel chan amboy.Job
toDelete chan string
capacity int
storage map[string]amboy.Job
runner amboy.Runner
mu sync.RWMutex
// NewLocalLimitedSize constructs a LocalLimitedSize queue instance
// with the specified number of workers and capacity.
func NewLocalLimitedSize(workers, capacity int) amboy.Queue {
q := &limitedSizeLocal{
capacity: capacity,
storage: make(map[string]amboy.Job),
q.runner = pool.NewLocalWorkers(workers, q)
return q
// Put adds a job to the queue, returning an error if the queue isn't
// opened, a task of that name exists has been completed (and is
// stored in the results storage,) or is pending, and finally if the
// queue is at capacity.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Put(j amboy.Job) error {
if !q.Started() {
return errors.Errorf("queue not open. could not add %s", j.ID())
name := j.ID()
if _, ok :=[name]; ok {
return errors.Errorf("cannot dispatch '%s', already complete", name)
Created: time.Now(),
select {
case <- j:
defer[name] = j
return nil
return errors.Errorf("queue full, cannot add '%s'", name)
// Get returns a job, by name. This will include all tasks currently
// stored in the queue.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Get(name string) (amboy.Job, bool) {
j, ok :=[name]
return j, ok
// Next returns the next pending job, and is used by amboy.Runner
// implementations to fetch work. This operation blocks until a job is
// available or the context is canceled.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Next(ctx context.Context) amboy.Job {
select {
case job := <
return job
case <-ctx.Done():
return nil
// Started returns true if the queue is open and is processing jobs,
// and false otherwise.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Started() bool {
return != nil
// Results is a generator of all completed tasks in the queue.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Results(ctx context.Context) <-chan amboy.Job {
newCompleted := make(chan string, q.capacity)
out := make(chan amboy.Job, len(q.toDelete))
for name := range q.toDelete {
j :=[name]
newCompleted <- name
out <- j
q.toDelete = newCompleted
return out
// JobStats returns an iterator for job status documents for all jobs
// in the queue. For this queue implementation *queued* jobs are returned
// first.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) JobStats(ctx context.Context) <-chan amboy.JobStatusInfo {
out := make(chan amboy.JobStatusInfo, len(
for name, job := range {
stat := job.Status()
stat.ID = name
out <- stat
return out
// Runner returns the Queue's embedded amboy.Runner instance.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Runner() amboy.Runner {
return q.runner
// SetRunner allows callers to, if the queue has not started, inject a
// different runner implementation.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) SetRunner(r amboy.Runner) error {
if != nil {
return errors.New("cannot set runner on started queue")
q.runner = r
return nil
// Stats returns information about the current state of jobs in the
// queue, and the amount of work completed.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Stats() amboy.QueueStats {
s := amboy.QueueStats{
Total: len(,
Completed: len(q.toDelete),
Pending: len(,
s.Running = s.Total - s.Completed - s.Pending
return s
// Complete marks a job complete in the queue.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Complete(ctx context.Context, j amboy.Job) {
// save it[j.ID()] = j
if len(q.toDelete) == q.capacity-1 {
delete(, <-q.toDelete)
q.toDelete <- j.ID()
// Start starts the runner and initializes the pending task
// storage. Only produces an error if the underlying runner fails to
// start.
func (q *limitedSizeLocal) Start(ctx context.Context) error {
if != nil {
return errors.New("cannot start a running queue")
q.toDelete = make(chan string, q.capacity) = make(chan amboy.Job, q.capacity)
err := q.runner.Start(ctx)
if err != nil {
return err
grip.Info("job server running")
return nil