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package queue
import (
// LocalPriorityQueue is an amboy.Queue implementation that dispatches
// jobs in priority order, using the Priority method of the Job
// interface to determine priority. These queues do not have shared
// storage.
type priorityLocalQueue struct {
storage *priorityStorage
channel chan amboy.Job
runner amboy.Runner
counters struct {
started int
completed int
// NewLocalPriorityQueue constructs a new priority queue instance and
// initializes a local worker queue with the specified number of
// worker processes.
func NewLocalPriorityQueue(workers int) amboy.Queue {
q := &priorityLocalQueue{
storage: makePriorityStorage(),
q.runner = pool.NewLocalWorkers(workers, q)
return q
// Put adds a job to the priority queue. If the Job already exists,
// this operation updates it in the queue, potentially reordering the
// queue accordingly.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Put(j amboy.Job) error {
Created: time.Now(),
// Get takes the name of a job and returns the job from the queue that
// matches that ID. Use the second return value to check if a job
// object with that ID exists in the queue.e
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Get(name string) (amboy.Job, bool) {
// Next returns a job for processing the queue. This may be a nil job
// if the context is canceled. Otherwise, this operation blocks until
// a job is available for dispatching.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Next(ctx context.Context) amboy.Job {
select {
case <-ctx.Done():
return nil
case job := <
defer q.counters.Unlock()
return job
// Started reports if the queue has begun processing work.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Started() bool {
return != nil
// Results is a generator of all jobs that report as "Completed" in
// the queue.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Results(ctx context.Context) <-chan amboy.Job {
output := make(chan amboy.Job)
go func() {
defer close(output)
for job := range {
if ctx.Err() != nil {
if job.Status().Completed {
output <- job
return output
// JobStats returns a job status for every job stored in the
// queue. Does not include currently in progress tasks.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) JobStats(ctx context.Context) <-chan amboy.JobStatusInfo {
out := make(chan amboy.JobStatusInfo)
go func() {
defer close(out)
for job := range {
if ctx.Err() != nil {
stat := job.Status()
stat.ID = job.ID()
out <- stat
return out
// Runner returns the embedded runner instance, which provides and
// manages the worker processes.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Runner() amboy.Runner {
return q.runner
// SetRunner allows users to override the default embedded runner. This
// is *only* possible if the queue has not started processing jobs. If
// you attempt to set the runner after the queue has started the
// operation returns an error and has no effect.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) SetRunner(r amboy.Runner) error {
if q.Started() {
return errors.New("cannot set runner after queue is started")
q.runner = r
return nil
// Stats returns an amboy.QueueStats object that reflects the queue's
// current state.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Stats() amboy.QueueStats {
stats := amboy.QueueStats{
defer q.counters.RUnlock()
stats.Completed = q.counters.completed
stats.Running = q.counters.started - q.counters.completed
return stats
// Complete marks a job complete. The operation is asynchronous in
// this implementation.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Complete(ctx context.Context, j amboy.Job) {
grip.Debugf("marking job (%s) as complete", j.ID())
defer q.counters.Unlock()
// Start begins the work of the queue. It is a noop, without error, to
// start a queue that's been started, but the operation can error if
// there were problems starting the underlying runner instance. All
// resources are released when the context is canceled.
func (q *priorityLocalQueue) Start(ctx context.Context) error {
if != nil {
return nil
} = make(chan amboy.Job)
err := q.runner.Start(ctx)
if err != nil {
return err
grip.Info("job server running")
return nil