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package amboy
import (
// QueueStats is a simple structure that the Stats() method in the
// Queue interface returns and tracks the state of the queue, and
// provides a common format for different Queue implementations to
// report on their state.
// Implement's grip's message.Composer interface when passed as a
// pointer.
type QueueStats struct {
Running int `bson:"running" json:"running" yaml:"running"`
Completed int `bson:"completed" json:"completed" yaml:"completed"`
Pending int `bson:"pending" json:"pending" yaml:"pending"`
Blocked int `bson:"blocked" json:"blocked" yaml:"blocked"`
Total int `bson:"total" json:"total" yaml:"total"`
Context message.Fields `bson:"context,omitempty" json:"context,omitempty" yaml:"context,omitempty"`
priority level.Priority
func (s QueueStats) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("running='%d', completed='%d', pending='%d', blocked='%d', total='%d'",
s.Running, s.Completed, s.Pending, s.Blocked, s.Total)
func (s QueueStats) isComplete() bool {
grip.DebugWhen(sometimes.Fifth(), &s)
if s.Total == s.Completed {
return true
if s.Total <= s.Completed+s.Blocked {
return true
return false
// Loggable is part of the grip/message.Composer interface and only
// returns true if the queue has at least one job.
func (s QueueStats) Loggable() bool { return s.Total > 0 }
// Raw is part of the grip/message.Composer interface and simply
// returns the QueueStats object.
func (s QueueStats) Raw() interface{} { return s }
// Priority is part of the grip/message.Composer interface and returns
// the priority of the message.
func (s QueueStats) Priority() level.Priority { return s.priority }
// SetPriority is part of the grip/message.Composer interface and
// allows the caller to configure the piroity of the message.
func (s *QueueStats) SetPriority(l level.Priority) error {
if level.IsValidPriority(l) {
s.priority = l
return nil
return errors.Errorf("%s (%d) is not a valid level", l, l)
// Annotate is part of the grip/message.Composer interface and allows
// the logging infrastructure to inject content and context into log
// messages.
func (s *QueueStats) Annotate(key string, value interface{}) error {
if s.Context == nil {
s.Context = message.Fields{
key: value,
return nil
if _, ok := s.Context[key]; ok {
return fmt.Errorf("key '%s' already exists", key)
s.Context[key] = value
return nil