Ruby Implementation of the BSON Specification (2.0.0+)
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karmatr0n and p-mongo Bug fix for the BSON::ByteBuffer#put_byte and BSON::ByteBuffer#put_by…
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* Bug fix for the BSON::ByteBuffer#put_byte and BSON::ByteBuffer#put_bytes methods

* Add additional new lines.

* Handle jruby
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An implementation of the BSON specification in Ruby.


BSON is tested against MRI (1.9.2+), JRuby (1.7.0+) and Rubinius (2.0.0+).


Current documentation can be found here

API Documentation

The API Documentation is located at

BSON Specification

The BSON specification is at


As of 2.0.0, this project adheres to the Semantic Versioning Specification.


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