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Minor bugfixes/enhancements.

  • Due to oddities and ambiguities, stripped the type parameter apply[A] method from MongoDBObject. If you want a cast return, please use MongoDBObject.getAs[A]. This should minimize odd runtime failures.
  • Added toplevel detection in MongoDBObject's +=/put methods to try and convert a MongoDBObject value to DBObject for you.
  • Added "Product" arguments to $pushAll - this means you can pass a Tuple-style list, where previously it required an Iterable ( $pushAll ("foo" -> (5, 10, 23, "spam", eggs") should now work).
  • Updated to scalaj-collection 1.0 release, built against 2.8.0 final
  • Added a new ScalaJ-Collection based Deserializer and Serializer layer. All base types supported by ScalaJ collection now use asJava / asScala to cleanly ser/deser where possible. This excludes Comparator/Comparable and Map types for sanity reasons. See com.novus.casbah.mongodb.conversions.scala.ScalaConversions for detail. Please report bugs if this breaks your code - it's nascent and a bit naive!
  • New Committer - Max Afonov
  • Removed the BitBucket Mirror; we're purely on GitHub now. Bug tracker linked from Github page.
  • Created a user mailing list -
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