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2.0rc1 / 2010-12-27

  • Pull Java Driver 2.4 from Maven (and include it in the POM)
  • SCALA-11: Added new findOneByID methods to match the Java driver's Object taking ambiguous findOne methods.
  • SCALA-11: findOne in Java has methods which take an Object to allow ID matching. Because of the view boundary, Scala was selecting the Object version instead of DBObject, causing breakage. findOne methods now explicitly cast the query arg to DBObject to hook the right java method.
  • Added publishing of source and docs artifacts to SBT Project
  • Update to Java Driver 2.4 (Not showing up in main maven so adding as hard lib for now)
  • SCALA-2: Added WriteConcern to Insert
  • SCALA-4: Added set/reset/getOptions to MongoCursor
  • SCALA-6: Refactored Type classes for Collection and Cursor to minimize duplication and insanity
  • Refactored MongoCursor to be cleaner, no more Typed/Untyped subimplementations
  • SCALA-7: Lists, etc passed to MongoDBList are no longer flattened, and now included as is. A bare pair e.g. "foo" -> "bar" will be saved as a MongoDBObject (mostly useful for DSL work). If you want a long DBObject, construct it explicitly. This IS a breaking change from previous versions where a List passed to MongoDBList() was flattened---that was incorrect behavior.
  • SCALA-3: Removed MonkeyPatches and replaced with builtin Java 2.4 methods for encode/decode removal
  • SCALA-9: Added 'as' method to MongoDBObject which does non-Optioned castable like 'getAs'
  • SCALA-5: Clarify docs that rename does NOT mutate, make sure it returns a PIMPED Collection instance rather than bare Java type.
  • SCALA-1: Added support for a $maxDistance(Numeric) argument on $near queries in DSL
  • Added some type import fixes for Query DSL, related to ValidType tree
  • Removed type clash by rolling back DBObject/DBList aliasing in Imports
  • Added $ne support for Boolean, ObjectId, DBref
  • optWrap -> Option
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