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* Copyright (c) 2010, 2011 10gen, Inc. <>
* Copyright (c) 2009, 2010 Novus Partners, Inc. <>
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* For questions and comments about this product, please see the project page at:
package com.mongodb.casbah
package util
import org.bson.types.BSONTimestamp
import com.mongodb.Bytes
import com.mongodb.casbah.Imports._
import com.mongodb.casbah.commons.Logging
import scala.util.control.Exception._
class MongoOpLog(mongoClient: MongoClient = MongoClient(),
startTimestamp: Option[BSONTimestamp] = None,
namespace: Option[String] = None,
replicaSet: Boolean = true) extends Iterator[MongoOpLogEntry] with Logging {
implicit object BSONTimestampOk extends ValidDateOrNumericType[org.bson.types.BSONTimestamp]
protected val local = mongoClient("local")
protected val oplogName : String = if (replicaSet) "" else "oplog.$main"
protected val oplog = local(oplogName)
val tsp = verifyOpLog
log.debug("Beginning monitoring OpLog at '%s'", tsp)
val q = namespace match {
case Some(ns) => ("ts" $gt tsp) ++ ("ns" -> ns)
case None => "ts" $gt tsp
log.debug("OpLog Filter: '%s'", q)
val cursor = oplog.find(q)
cursor.options = Bytes.QUERYOPTION_TAILABLE
cursor.options = Bytes.QUERYOPTION_AWAITDATA
def hasNext = cursor.hasNext
def next = MongoOpLogEntry(
def verifyOpLog: BSONTimestamp = {
// Verify the oplog exists
val last = oplog.find().sort(MongoDBObject("$natural" -> 1)).limit(1)
"No oplog found. mongod must be a --master or belong to a Replica Set.")
* If a startTimestamp was specified attempt to sync from there.
* An exception is thrown if the timestamp isn't found because
* you won't be able to sync.
startTimestamp match {
case Some(ts) => {
oplog.findOne(MongoDBObject("ts" -> ts)).orElse(
throw new Exception("No oplog entry for requested start timestamp."))
case None =>[BSONTimestamp]("ts")
object MongoOpLogEntry {
def apply(entry: MongoDBObject) = entry("op") match {
case InsertOp =>
case UpdateOp =>
case DeleteOp =>
sealed trait MongoOpType { def typeCode: String }
case object InsertOp extends MongoOpType { val typeCode = "i" }
case object UpdateOp extends MongoOpType { val typeCode = "u" }
case object DeleteOp extends MongoOpType { val typeCode = "d" }
sealed trait MongoOpLogEntry {
val timestamp: BSONTimestamp
lazy val ts = timestamp
val opID: Long
lazy val h = opID
val opType: MongoOpType
lazy val op = opType
val namespace: String
lazy val ns = namespace
val document: MongoDBObject
lazy val o = document
case class MongoInsertOperation(timestamp: BSONTimestamp, opID: Long, namespace: String, document: MongoDBObject) extends MongoOpLogEntry {
val opType = InsertOp
case class MongoUpdateOperation(timestamp: BSONTimestamp, opID: Long, namespace: String, document: MongoDBObject, documentID: MongoDBObject) extends MongoOpLogEntry {
val opType = UpdateOp
lazy val o2 = documentID
case class MongoDeleteOperation(timestamp: BSONTimestamp, opID: Long, namespace: String, document: MongoDBObject) extends MongoOpLogEntry {
val opType = DeleteOp
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