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Casbah is the Scala toolkit for MongoDB, providing Scala wrappers to the Java driver, a DSL query syntax and full Scala type support (MongoDB will never give you a Java type from Casbah unless you asked it to).
Casbah wraps the official MongoDB Java Driver and provides the functionality and tools that Scala developers expect without reinventing the wheel uneccessarily. The current (latest) version has been tested against MongoDB 1.6.x with Java driver 2.3.
If you previously used Casbah 1.x, the package has changed from com.novus.mongodb.casbah to com.mongodb.casbah, and ownership has moved to the MongoDB project. New documentation for the 2.x series is forthcoming but core functionality remains mostly the same from 1.x (From a user standpoint).

This work is an Open Source project under the Apache License v2.

Got questions, problems, suggestions? Please join the Casbah Users' Mailing List

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