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The PRIMARY AUTHORS are (and/or have been):
Brendan W. McAdams
Ross Lawley
Dervived from the git logs, inevitably incomplete but all of whom and others
have submitted patches, reported bugs and generally helped make Casbah
that much better:
* Novus Partners, Inc. <> Original sponsors of this casbah prior to Version 2.0
* Max Afonov <>
* Marcello Bastéa-Forte <>
* Philip Wills <>
* Ben Gamari <>
* Patrick Bohan <>
* Jon-Anders Teigen <@jteigen>
* Bryan J Swift
* Thibault Duplessis
* Gerolf Seitz
* Hitoshi Asai
* Ilya (intracer)
* Tom Vaughan
* Brennan Saeta (saeta)
* Eugene Wolfson (yegeniy)
* Sam Kleinman (tychoish)
* Ugo Bataillard (knshiro)
* Thomas Roger (troger)
* Yann Moisan (YannMoisan)
* Jeffrey Ling (jeffling)
* Tuomas Huhtanen (saynomoo)
* Yann Moisan (YannMoisan)
* Vlastimil Menčík (vmencik)
* Konstantin Gribov (grossws)
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