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formerly "mongo-scala-wrappers"

Brendan W. McAdams

Max Afonov

Casbah is an interface for MongoDB designed to provide more flexible access from both Java and Scala. While the current cor focus is on providing a Scala oriented wrapper interface around the Java mongo driver, support for other JVM languages may come in the future.

For the Scala side, contains series of wrappers and DSL-like functionality for utilizing MongoDB from within Scala. This currently utilises the very Java-oriented Mongo Java driver, and attempts to provide more scala-like functionality on top of it. This has been tested with MongoDB 1.2.x+ and v2.x of the Mongo java driver.

We are constantly adding new functionality, and maintain a detailed Tutorial.

Please report any issues at our Lighthouse Issue Tracker, or post to the Casbah Mailing List on Google Groups.

GitHub kindly hosts our Documentation including the API Docs & Tutorial.

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