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@@ -2,22 +2,30 @@
-./sbt "update" "clean" "make-site" "unidoc"
+./sbt ++2.9.2 "update" "clean" "make-site" "unidoc"
-mkdir -p ./target/site/api.sxr/casbah-commons
-mkdir -p ./target/site/api.sxr/casbah-core
-mkdir -p ./target/site/api.sxr/casbah-gridfs
-mkdir -p ./target/site/api.sxr/casbah-query
+mkdir -p $SITE_DIR/api.sxr/casbah-commons
+mkdir -p $SITE_DIR/api.sxr/casbah-core
+mkdir -p $SITE_DIR/api.sxr/casbah-gridfs
+mkdir -p $SITE_DIR/api.sxr/casbah-query
-cp ./casbah-commons/target/scala-$SCALA/classes.sxr/* ./target/site/api.sxr/casbah-commons
-cp ./casbah-core/target/scala-$SCALA/classes.sxr/* ./target/site/api.sxr/casbah-core
-cp ./casbah-gridfs/target/scala-$SCALA/classes.sxr/* ./target/site/api.sxr/casbah-gridfs
-cp ./casbah-query/target/scala-$SCALA/classes.sxr/* ./target/site/api.sxr/casbah-query
+cp ./casbah-commons/target/scala-$SCALA/classes.sxr/* $SITE_DIR/api.sxr/casbah-commons
+cp ./casbah-core/target/scala-$SCALA/classes.sxr/* $SITE_DIR/api.sxr/casbah-core
+cp ./casbah-gridfs/target/scala-$SCALA/classes.sxr/* $SITE_DIR/api.sxr/casbah-gridfs
+cp ./casbah-query/target/scala-$SCALA/classes.sxr/* $SITE_DIR/api.sxr/casbah-query
-touch ./target/site/.nojekyll
+touch $SITE_DIR/.nojekyll
# Update the sxr in url
-find ./target/site/api/ -name \*html -exec sed -i 's#/src\(.*\)/\(.*scala.html\)#\2#' {} \;
+find $SITE_DIR/api/ -name \*html -exec sed -i 's#/src\(.*\)/\(.*scala.html\)#\2#' {} \;
-find ./target/site/api/ -name \*html -exec sed -i "s#/{{WEBSITE_ROOT}}#/$WEBSITE_ROOT#g" {} \;
+find $SITE_DIR/api/ -name \*html -exec sed -i "s#/{{WEBSITE_ROOT}}#/$WEBSITE_ROOT#g" {} \;
+# Make pdf / epub
+$SPHINX_DIR/ make clean epub latexpdf
+cp $SPHINX_DIR/_build/epub/CasbahMongoDBScalaToolkitDocumentation.epub $SITE_DIR/CasbahDocumentation.epub
+cp $SPHINX_DIR/_build/latex/CasbahDocumentation.pdf $SITE_DIR/CasbahDocumentation.pdf
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@@ -156,9 +156,8 @@ Changes in Version
- Disabled a few tests that weren’t passing and known to be ‘buggy’ in
specs1. These are fixed for the upcoming 2.2. release on specs2; they
are test bugs rather than Casbah bugs.
-- RegEx
- :math:`not was just flat out wrong - was producing {"foo": {"foo": /<regex>/}} instead of {"foo": {"`\ not":
- {//}}
+- RegEx `not was just flat out wrong - was producing
+ {"foo": {"foo": /<regex>/}} instead of {"foo": {"`\ not":{//}}
- Added a getAsOrElse method
.. _2.8.0 EOL Announcement:
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
# The name of an image file (relative to this directory) to place at the top of
# the title page.
-latex_logo = 'logo-mongodb.png'
+latex_logo = '_static/logo-mongodb-onwhite.png'
# For "manual" documents, if this is true, then toplevel headings are parts,
# not chapters.

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