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+2.0rc0/ 2010-12-23
+ * Added publishing of source and docs artifacts to SBT Project
+ * Update to Java Driver 2.4 (Not showing up in main maven so adding as hard lib for now)
+ * SCALA-2: Added WriteConcern to Insert
+ * SCALA-4: Added set/reset/getOptions to MongoCursor
+ * SCALA-6: Refactored Type classes for Collection and Cursor to minimize duplication and insanity
+ * Refactored MongoCursor to be cleaner, no more Typed/Untyped subimplementations
+ * SCALA-7: Lists, etc passed to MongoDBList are no longer flattened, and now included as is. A bare pair e.g. "foo" -> "bar" will be saved as a MongoDBObject (mostly useful for DSL work). If you want a long DBObject, construct it explicitly. This IS a breaking change from previous versions where a List passed to MongoDBList() was flattened---that was incorrect behavior.
+ * SCALA-3: Removed MonkeyPatches and replaced with builtin Java 2.4 methods for encode/decode removal
+ * SCALA-9: Added 'as' method to MongoDBObject which does non-Optioned castable like 'getAs'
+ * SCALA-5: Clarify docs that rename does NOT mutate, make sure it returns a PIMPED Collection instance rather than bare Java type.
+ * SCALA-1: Added support for a $maxDistance(Numeric) argument on $near queries in DSL
+ * Added some type import fixes for Query DSL, related to ValidType tree
+ * Removed type clash by rolling back DBObject/DBList aliasing in Imports
+ * Added $ne support for Boolean, ObjectId, DBref
+ * optWrap -> Option
+ * bumNetworks repos shouldn't be needed for build anymore
+ * Updating docs to include migration guide
+ * Added new sphinx tutorial and api docs build
2.0b3p1 / 2010-12-09
2  project/
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build.scala.versions=2.8.1 2.8.0
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