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SCALA-13 - Create a 'light' version of the Query DSL which doesn't us…

…e $ operators

* Rough cut of the DSL but it has major problems due to conflicts w/ scala keywords
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1 parent b9e72af commit 691dd3ddf1a0c658bdc138fe964d9e60ab9b43dd @bwmcadams bwmcadams committed Nov 21, 2011
@@ -117,6 +117,12 @@ object Imports extends Imports with commons.Imports with commons.Exports with qu
trait Imports extends BaseImports with TypeImports with Implicits
package core {
+ /**
+ * You can import core to get "just" Casbah core; no commons, query, etc.
+ * This is useful to pick which QueryDSL type you want, etc.
+ */
+ object `package` extends Imports
trait Exports {
type MongoCursor = com.mongodb.casbah.MongoCursor
type MongoCollection = com.mongodb.casbah.MongoCollection
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