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.. _ruby-external-resources:
Ruby External Resources
.. default-domain:: mongodb
There are a number of good resources appearing all over the web for
learning about MongoDB and Ruby. A useful selection is listed below. If
you know of others, do let us know.
- `Introduction to MongoDB - Part I
An introduction to MongoDB via the MongoDB shell.
- `Introduction to MongoDB - Part II
In this screencast, Joon You teaches how to use the Ruby driver to
build a simple Sinatra app.
- `Introduction to MongoDB - Part III
For the final screencast in the series, Joon You introduces
MongoMapper and Rails.
- `RailsCasts: MongoDB & MongoMapper
Ryan Bates' RailsCast introducing MongoDB and MongoMapper.
- `RailsCasts: Mongoid <>`_
Ryan Bates' RailsCast introducing Mongoid.
- `Introduction to MongoDB (Video) <>`_
Mike Dirolf's introduction to MongoDB at Pivotal Labs, SF.
- `MongoDB: A Ruby Document Store that doesn't rhyme with 'Ouch'
Wynn Netherland's introduction to MongoDB with some comparisons to
- `MongoDB (is) for Rubyists (Slides)
Kyle Banker's presentation on why MongoDB is for Rubyists (and all
human-oriented programmers).
- `Why I Think Mongo is to Databases What Rails was to Frameworks
- `What if a key-value store mated with a relational database system?
- `Mongo Tips <>`_
John Nunemaker's articles on MongoDB and his Mongo Tips blog.
- A series of articles on aggregation with MongoDB and Ruby:
1. `Part I: Introduction of Aggregation in MongoDB
#. `Part II: MongoDB Grouping Elaborated
#. `Part III: Introduction to Map-Reduce in MongoDB
- `Does the MongoDB Driver Support Feature X?
An explanation of how the MongoDB drivers usually automatically
support new database features.
- `Simple Pub/Sub <>`_
A very simple pub/sub system.
- `Mongo Queue <>`_
An extensible thread safe job/message queueing system that uses
MongoDB as the persistent storage engine.
- `Resque-mongo <>`_
A port of the Github's Resque to MongoDB.
- `Mongo Admin <>`_
A Rails plugin for browsing and managing MongoDB data. See the `live
demo <>`_.
- `Sinatra Resource <>`_
Resource Oriented Architecture (REST) for Sinatra and MongoMapper.
- `NewsMonger <>`_
A simple social news application demonstrating MongoMapper and Rails.
- `Data Catalog API <>`_
From `Sunlight Labs <>`_, a non-trivial
application using MongoMapper and Sinatra.
- `Watchtower <>`_
An example application using Mustache, MongoDB, and Sinatra.
- `Shapado <>`_
A question and answer site similar to Stack Overflow. Live version at
` <>`_.
.. Does not seem to exist
.. - `Shorty <>`_
.. A URL-shortener written with Sinatra and the MongoDB Ruby driver.
- `ActiveExpando <>`_
An extension to ActiveRecord to allow the storage of arbitrary
attributes in MongoDB.
- `ActsAsTree (MongoMapper)
ActsAsTree implementation for MongoMapper.
- `Machinist adapter (MongoMapper)
Machinist adapter using MongoMapper.
- `Mongo-Delegate <>`_
A delegation library for experimenting with production data without
altering it. A quite useful pattern.
- `Remarkable Matchers (MongoMapper)
Testing / Matchers library using MongoMapper.
- `OpenIdAuthentication, supporting MongoDB as the datastore
Brandon Keepers' fork of OpenIdAuthentication supporting MongoDB.
- `MongoTree (MongoRecord)
MongoTree adds parent / child relationships to MongoRecord.
- `Merb_MongoMapper
A plugin for the Merb framework for supporting MongoMapper models.
- `Mongolytics (MongoMapper)
A web analytics tool.
- `Rack-GridFS <>`_
A Rack middleware component that creates HTTP endpoints for files
stored in GridFS.
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