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Windows Quick Links and Reference Center
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Running MongoDB on Windows
See the :manual:`Install on Windows </tutorial/install-mongodb-on-windows>`
tutorial for more information on how to install and run the database for
the first time.
For the supported versions of Windows, see the *Recommended
Operating Systems for Production Deployments* and *Other Supported
Operating Systems* tables on :manual:`Install MongoDB
Running as a Service
See the `Windows Service <>`_ page.
.. `Windows Service <mongodb:std:label:`mongodb manual:tutorial-mongod-as-windows-service`>
Writing Apps
You can write apps in almost any programming language, see the
:doc:`Drivers </drivers>` page.
In particular C#, .NET, PHP, C and C++ work just fine.
We recommend using the pre-built binaries, but if you prefer to build
from source, see `<>`_.
Windows Azure
For information on running Windows on Azure, see :doc:`/platforms/windows-azure`.
- `Instructions for running MongoDB on AppHarbor <>`_
- `Sample ASP.NET MVC app that uses MongoDB from AppHarbor <>`_