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MongoDB Connector for Hadoop
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The MongoDB Connector for Hadoop is a plugin for Hadoop that provides
the ability to use MongoDB as an input source and/or an output destination.
The source code is available on `Github
<>`_ where you can find a more
comprehensive `wiki
If you have questions please email the `mongodb-user Mailing List
<>`_. For any issues please
file a ticket in `Jira <>`_.
This guide also includes the following documentation:
- :doc:`/tutorial/getting-started-with-hadoop`
- :doc:`/use-cases/hadoop`
#. Obtain the Hadoop connector. You may either download the JARs from the
`Maven Central Repository
<>`_ or `build it
The JARs are universal and will work with any version of Hadoop.
#. Obtain a JAR for the `MongoDB Java Driver <>`_.
#. Move these JARs onto each node of the Hadoop cluster.
You may provision each node so that the jars are somewhere on Hadoop's `CLASSPATH`
(e.g. ``$HADOOP_PREFIX/share/hadoop/common``), or you can use the Hadoop
`DistributedCache <>`_
to move the JARs onto pre-existing nodes.
For more complete install instructions, please see the installation instructions
for your platform on the `Hadoop Connector wiki <>`_.
- `MongoDB and Hadoop: Driving Business Insights <>`_
by Sandeep Parikh, 2014
- `Webinar: Using MongoDB + Hadoop Together <>`_
by Buzz Moschetti, 2014
Blog Posts
- `MongoDB Hadoop Connector 1.4 Improvements <>`_
- `MongoDB Hadoop Connector Announcement <>`_
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