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User-Defined Roles
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.. versionadded:: 2.6
MongoDB provides a number of :doc:`built-in roles
</reference/built-in-roles>`. However, if these roles cannot describe the
desired set of privileges, you can create new roles.
Role Management Interface
To add a role, MongoDB provides the :method:`db.createRole()` method.
MongoDB also provides methods to update existing user-defined roles. For
a full list of role management methods, see
When adding a role, you create the role in a specific database. MongoDB
uses the combination of the database and the role name to uniquely
define a role.
.. include:: /includes/fact-roles-privileges-scope.rst
Centralized Role Data
MongoDB stores all role information in the :doc:`system.roles
</reference/system-roles-collection>` collection in the ``admin`` database
Do not access this collection directly but instead use the :ref:`role
management commands <role-management-commands>` to view and edit custom roles.
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