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Data Center Awareness
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MongoDB provides a number of features that allow application
developers and database administrators to customize the behavior of a
:term:`sharded cluster` or :term:`replica set` deployment so that
MongoDB may be *more* "data center aware," or allow operational
and location-based separation.
MongoDB also supports segregation based
on functional parameters, to ensure that certain :program:`mongod`
instances are only used for reporting workloads or that certain
high-frequency portions of a sharded collection only exist on specific
The following documents, *found either in this section or other sections
of this manual*, provide information on customizing a deployment for
operation- and location-based separation:
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Further Reading
- The :doc:`/reference/write-concern` and :doc:`/core/read-preference`
documents, which address capabilities related to data center
- :doc:`/tutorial/deploy-geographically-distributed-replica-set`.
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