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The MongoDB |version| Manual
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.. admonition:: MongoDB 4.0 Released
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For new features in MongoDB 4.0, see :doc:`/release-notes/4.0`.
To download the MongoDB 4.0, go to the `MongoDB Download Center
Welcome to the MongoDB |version| Manual! MongoDB is an open-source,
document database designed for ease of development and scaling. The
Manual introduces key concepts in MongoDB, presents the query language,
and provides operational and administrative considerations and
procedures as well as a comprehensive reference section. [#availableformats]_
Getting Started
MongoDB provides a :gettingstarted:`Getting Started Guide </shell>` in the
following editions.
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* - :gettingstarted:`mongo Shell Edition </shell>`
`Node.JS Edition <>`_
- :gettingstarted:`Python Edition </python>`
`C++ Edition <>`_
- `Java Edition <>`_
`C# Edition <>`_
- `Ruby Edition <>`_
Once you complete the Getting Started Guide, you may find the following topics
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* - Introduction
- Developers
- Administrators
- Reference
* - :doc:`/introduction`
:doc:`Installation Guides </installation>`
- :doc:`CRUD Operations </crud>`
:doc:`Aggregation </aggregation>`
:doc:`SQL to MongoDB </reference/sql-comparison>`
- :doc:`/administration/production-notes`
:doc:`Replica Sets </replication>`
:doc:`Sharded Clusters </sharding>`
:doc:`MongoDB Security </security>`
- :doc:`Shell Methods </reference/method>`
:doc:`Query Operators </reference/operator>`
:doc:`Reference </reference>`
Community Support
You can get help with MongoDB through various community-supported
forums, such as `Stack Overflow`_ or to our `mailing list
<!forum/mongodb-user>`_. For
details, see :ref:`support-community`.
Commercial Support
`MongoDB, Inc.`_ also offers commercial support and services. For
details, see :ref:`support-commercial`.
.. _`Stack Overflow`:
For instructions on how to file a JIRA ticket for the MongoDB server or
one of the related projects, see
Getting involved in the MongoDB community is a great way to build
relationships with other talented and like minded engineers, increase
awareness for the interesting work that you are doing, and sharpen your
skills. To learn about the MongoDB community, see
`Get Involved with MongoDB <>`_.
Learning MongoDB
In addition to the documentation, there are many ways to learn to use
MongoDB. You can:
- Enroll in a free online course at `MongoDB University
- Browse the archive of `MongoDB Presentations
- Join a local `MongoDB User Group (MUG)
- Attend an upcoming MongoDB `event <>`_ or
`webinar <>`_
- Read the `MongoDB blog <>`_
- Download the `Architecture Guide
The manual is licensed under a `Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License
For information on MongoDB licensing, see `MongoDB Licensing
Additional Resources
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`MongoDB, Inc.`_
The company behind MongoDB.
`MongoDB Atlas <>`_
Database as a service.
A cloud-based hosted operations management solution for MongoDB.
`MongoDB Ops Manager <>`_
Enterprise operations management solution for MongoDB: includes
Automation, Backup, and Monitoring.
`MongoDB Ecosystem <>`_
The documentation available for the drivers, frameworks, tools,
and services for use with MongoDB.
.. _`MongoDB, Inc.`:
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.. [#availableformats]
The manual is also available as :hardlink:`HTML tar.gz
<manual.tar.gz>` and :hardlink:`EPUB <MongoDB-manual.epub>`
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