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.. _tutorials-installation:
.. _tutorial-installation:
Install MongoDB
.. default-domain:: mongodb
.. contents:: On this page
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.. index:: tutorials; installation
.. index:: installation tutorials
.. index:: installation guides
.. index:: installation
This section of the manual contains tutorials on installation of
Supported Platforms
.. include:: /includes/fact-platforms.rst
.. _faq-32-bit-limitations:
Deprecation of 32-bit Versions
.. versionchanged:: 3.2
.. include:: /includes/fact-deprecated-32bit.rst
.. versionchanged:: 3.0
Commercial support is no longer provided for MongoDB on 32-bit
platforms (Linux and Windows). See
In addition, the 32-bit versions of MongoDB have the following limitations:
- 32-bit versions of MongoDB do **not** support the WiredTiger storage
- 32-bit builds disable :term:`journaling <journal>` by default because
journaling further limits the maximum amount of data that the
database can store.
- When running a 32-bit build of MongoDB, the total storage size for
the server, including data and indexes, is 2 gigabytes. For this
reason, do not deploy MongoDB to production on 32-bit machines.
If you're running a 64-bit build of MongoDB, there's virtually no
limit to storage size. For production deployments, 64-bit builds and
operating systems are strongly recommended.
.. seealso:: `Blog Post: 32-bit Limitations <>`_
MongoDB Community Edition
.. include:: /includes/toc/dfn-list-installation-community.rst
MongoDB Enterprise
.. include:: /includes/toc/dfn-list-installation-enterprise.rst
.. include:: /includes/unicode-checkmark.rst
.. include:: /includes/toc/installation-community-landing.rst
.. include:: /includes/toc/installation-enterprise-landing.rst
.. include:: /includes/toc/install-verify-files.rst
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