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MongoDB Manual Translation
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The original language of all MongoDB documentation is
American English. However it is of critical importance to
the documentation project to ensure that speakers of other languages
can read and understand the documentation.
To this end, the MongoDB Documentation Project is preparing to launch a
translation effort to allow the community to help bring the documentation to
speakers of other languages.
If you would like to express interest in helping to translate the MongoDB
documentation once this project is opened to the public, please:
- complete the `MongoDB Contributor Agreement
<>`_, and
- join the `mongodb-translators`_ user group.
The `mongodb-translators`_ user group exists to facilitate
collaboration between translators and the documentation team at large.
You can join the group without signing the Contributor
Agreement, but you will not be allowed to contribute translations.
.. _`mongodb-translators`:
.. seealso::
- :ref:`meta-contributing`
- :doc:`/meta/style-guide`
- :doc:`/meta/organization`
- :doc:`/meta/practices`
- :doc:`/meta/build`