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.. default-domain:: mongodb
.. contents:: On this page
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:class: singlecol
.. dbcommand:: renameCollection
Changes the name of an existing collection. Specify collection names
to :dbcommand:`renameCollection` in the form of a complete
:term:`namespace` (``<database>.<collection>``).
Issue the :dbcommand:`renameCollection` command against the
:term:`admin database`.
The command takes the following form:
.. code-block:: javascript
{ renameCollection: "<source_namespace>", to: "<target_namespace>", dropTarget: <true|false> }
The command contains the following fields:
.. include:: /includes/apiargs/dbcommand-renameCollection-field.rst
:dbcommand:`renameCollection` is suitable for production
environments; *however*:
- :dbcommand:`renameCollection` blocks all database activity for the
duration of the operation.
- :dbcommand:`renameCollection` is **not** compatible with sharded
- :dbcommand:`renameCollection` fails if ``target`` is the name of an
existing collection *and* you do not specify ``dropTarget: true``.
.. warning::
If the :dbcommand:`renameCollection` operation does not complete,
the ``target`` collection and indexes will not be usable and
will require manual intervention to clean up.
The following example renames a collection named ``orders`` in the
``test`` database to ``orders2014`` in the ``test`` database.
.. include:: /includes/warning-blocking-global.rst
.. code-block:: javascript
use admin
db.runCommand( { renameCollection: "test.orders", to: "test.orders2014" } )
The :program:`mongo` shell provides the
:method:`db.collection.renameCollection()` helper for the command to
rename collections within the *same* database. The following is
equivalent to the previous example:
.. code-block:: javascript
use test
db.orders.renameCollection( "orders2014" )
:exception 10026:
Raised if the ``source`` namespace does not exist.
:exception 10027:
Raised if the ``target`` namespace exists and ``dropTarget`` is
either ``false`` or unspecified.
:exception 15967:
Raised if the ``target`` namespace is an invalid collection