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.. index:: GridFS
GridFS Reference
.. default-domain:: mongodb
.. index:: GridFS; collections
.. _gridfs-collections:
:term:`GridFS` stores files in two collections:
- ``chunks`` stores the binary chunks. For details, see
- ``files`` stores the file's metadata. For details, see
GridFS places the collections in a common bucket by prefixing each
with the bucket name. By default, GridFS uses two collections with
names prefixed by ``fs`` bucket:
- ``fs.files``
- ``fs.chunks``
You can choose a different bucket name than ``fs``, and create
multiple buckets in a single database.
.. seealso:: :doc:`/core/gridfs` for more information about GridFS.
.. index:: GridFS; chunks collection
.. _gridfs-chunks-collection:
The ``chunks`` Collection
Each document in the ``chunks`` collection represents a distinct chunk
of a file as represented in the :term:`GridFS` store. The following is a
prototype document from the ``chunks`` collection.:
.. code-block:: javascript
"_id" : <ObjectId>,
"files_id" : <ObjectId>,
"n" : <num>,
"data" : <binary>
A document from the ``chunks`` collection contains the following fields:
.. data:: chunks._id
The unique :term:`ObjectId` of the chunk.
.. data:: chunks.files_id
The ``_id`` of the "parent" document, as specified in the ``files``
.. data:: chunks.n
The sequence number of the chunk. GridFS numbers all chunks,
starting with 0.
.. data::
The chunk's payload as a :term:`BSON` binary type.
The ``chunks`` collection uses a :term:`compound index` on
``files_id`` and ``n``, as described in :ref:`gridfs-index`.
.. index:: GridFS; files collection
.. _gridfs-files-collection:
The ``files`` Collection
Each document in the ``files`` collection represents a file in the
:term:`GridFS` store. Consider the following prototype of a document in
the ``files`` collection:
.. code-block:: javascript
"_id" : <ObjectId>,
"length" : <num>,
"chunkSize" : <num>,
"uploadDate" : <timestamp>,
"md5" : <hash>,
"filename" : <string>,
"contentType" : <string>,
"aliases" : <string array>,
"metadata" : <dataObject>,
Documents in the ``files`` collection contain some or all of the
following fields. Applications may create additional arbitrary fields:
.. data:: files._id
The unique ID for this document. The ``_id`` is of the data type you
chose for the original document. The default type for MongoDB
documents is :term:`BSON` :term:`ObjectId`.
.. data:: files.length
The size of the document in bytes.
.. data:: files.chunkSize
The size of each chunk. GridFS divides the document into chunks of
the size specified here. The default size is 255 kilobytes.
.. versionchanged:: 2.4.10
The default chunk size changed from 256k to 255k.
.. data:: files.uploadDate
The date the document was first stored by GridFS. This value has the
``Date`` type.
.. data:: files.md5
An MD5 hash returned by the :doc:`filemd5
</reference/command/filemd5>` command. This value has the ``String``
.. data:: files.filename
Optional. A human-readable name for the document.
.. data:: files.contentType
Optional. A valid MIME type for the document.
.. data:: files.aliases
Optional. An array of alias strings.
.. data:: files.metadata
Optional. Any additional information you want to store.
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