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Release Notes for MongoDB 1.4
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We're pleased to announce the 1.4 release of MongoDB. 1.4 is a drop-in
replacement for 1.2. To upgrade you just need to shutdown
:binary:`~bin.mongod`, then restart with the new binaries. (Users upgrading
from release 1.0 should review the :doc:`1.2 release notes </release-notes/1.2>`,
in particular the instructions for upgrading the DB format.)
Release 1.4 includes the following improvements over release 1.2:
Core Server Enhancements
- :doc:`concurrency </faq/concurrency>` improvements
- indexing memory improvements
- :ref:`background index creation <index-creation-background>`
- better detection of regular expressions so the index can be used in
more cases
Replication and Sharding
- better handling for restarting slaves offline for a while
- fast new slaves from snapshots (``--fastsync``)
- configurable slave delay (``--slavedelay``)
- replication handles clock skew on master
- :doc:`$inc </reference/operator/update/inc>` replication fixes
- sharding alpha 3 - notably 2-phase commit on config servers
Deployment and Production
- :ref:`configure "slow threshold" for profiling <database-profiling-levels>`
- ability to do :doc:`fsync + lock </reference/command/fsync>` for backing up raw files
- option for separate directory per db (``--directoryperdb``)
- ``http://localhost:28017/_status`` to get serverStatus via http
- REST interface is off by default for security (``--rest`` to enable)
- can rotate logs with a db command, :doc:`logRotate </reference/command/logRotate>`
- enhancements to :doc:`serverStatus </reference/command/serverStatus/>`
command (db.serverStatus()) - counters and :ref:`replication lag
<replica-set-replication-lag>` stats
- new :doc:`mongostat </reference/program/mongostat>` tool
Query Language Improvements
- :doc:`$all </reference/operator/query/all>` with regex
- :doc:`$not </reference/operator/query/not>`
- partial matching of array elements :doc:`$elemMatch </reference/operator/projection/elemMatch>`
- $ operator for updating arrays
- :doc:`$addToSet </reference/operator/update/addToSet>`
- :doc:`$unset </reference/operator/update/unset>`
- :doc:`$pull </reference/operator/update/pull>` supports object matching
- :doc:`$set </reference/operator/update/set>` with array indexes
- :doc:`2d geospatial search </core/geospatial-indexes>`
- geo :doc:`$center </reference/operator/query/center>` and :doc:`$box
</reference/operator/query/box>` searches