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Create a Vulnerability Report
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If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in MongoDB or have
experienced a security incident related to MongoDB, please report the
issue to aid in its resolution.
To report an issue, we strongly suggest filing a ticket in the
:issue:`SECURITY <SECURITY>` project in JIRA. MongoDB, Inc
responds to vulnerability notifications within 48 hours.
Create the Report in JIRA
`Submit a Ticket
in the :issue:`Security <SECURITY>` project on our JIRA.
The ticket number will become the reference identification for the
issue for its lifetime. You can use this identifier for tracking
Information to Provide
All vulnerability reports should contain as much information
as possible so MongoDB's developers can move quickly to resolve the issue.
In particular, please include the following:
- The name of the product.
- *Common Vulnerability* information, if applicable, including:
- CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) Score.
- CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposures) Identifier.
- Contact information, including an email address and/or phone number,
if applicable.
Send the Report via Email
While JIRA is the preferred reporting method, you may also report
vulnerabilities via email to `
You may encrypt email using MongoDB's public key at
` <>`_.
MongoDB, Inc. responds to vulnerability reports sent via
email with a response email that contains a reference number for a JIRA ticket
posted to the :issue:`SECURITY` project.
Evaluation of a Vulnerability Report
MongoDB, Inc. validates all submitted vulnerabilities and uses Jira
to track all communications regarding a vulnerability,
including requests for clarification or additional information. If
needed, MongoDB representatives set up a conference call to exchange
information regarding the vulnerability.
MongoDB, Inc. requests that you do *not* publicly disclose any information
regarding the vulnerability or exploit the issue until it has had the
opportunity to analyze the vulnerability, to respond to the notification,
and to notify key users, customers, and partners.
The amount of time required to validate a reported vulnerability
depends on the complexity and severity of the issue. MongoDB, Inc. takes all
required vulnerabilities very seriously and will always ensure that
there is a clear and open channel of communication with the reporter.
After validating an issue, MongoDB, Inc. coordinates public disclosure of
the issue with the reporter in a mutually agreed timeframe and
format. If required or requested, the reporter of a vulnerability will
receive credit in the published security bulletin.
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