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Deploy a Replica Set
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.. include:: /includes/introduction-deploy-replica-set.rst
For production deployments, you should maintain as much separation between
members as possible by hosting the :program:`mongod`
instances on separate machines. When using virtual machines for
production deployments, you should place each :program:`mongod`
instance on a separate host server serviced by redundant power circuits
and redundant network paths.
Before you can deploy a replica set, you must install MongoDB on
each system that will be part of your :term:`replica set`.
If you have not already installed MongoDB, see the :ref:`installation tutorials <tutorial-installation>`.
Before creating your replica set, you should verify that your network
configuration allows communication among all members; i.e. each member
must be able to connect to every other member. For instructions on how
to check your connection, see
.. _considerations-when-deploying-rs:
Considerations When Deploying a Replica Set
.. include:: /includes/considerations-deploying-replica-set.rst
The following procedure outlines the steps to deploy a replica set when
access control is disabled.
.. include:: /includes/steps/deploy-replica-set.rst
.. seealso:: :ref:`deploy-repl-set-with-auth`