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Install MongoDB Community Edition on Windows
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Use this tutorial to install MongoDB Community Edition on Windows systems.
.. admonition:: Platform Support
Starting in version 2.2, MongoDB does not support Windows XP. Please
use a more recent version of Windows to use more recent releases of
.. important:: If you are running any edition of Windows Server 2008
R2 or Windows 7, please install `a hotfix to resolve an issue with
memory mapped files on Windows <>`_.
MongoDB Community Edition requires Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, or
later. The ``.msi`` installer includes all other software dependencies
and will automatically upgrade any older version of MongoDB installed
using an ``.msi`` file.
Get MongoDB Community Edition
.. include:: /includes/extracts/install-past-mongodb-org-windows.rst
.. include:: /includes/steps/get-mongodb-for-windows.rst
Install MongoDB Community Edition
Interactive Installation
.. include:: /includes/steps/install-mongodb-on-windows.rst
Unattended Installation
You may install MongoDB Community unattended on Windows from the command line
using ``msiexec.exe``.
.. include:: /includes/steps/install-mongodb-on-windows-unattended.rst
Run MongoDB Community Edition
.. warning::
Do not make :program:`mongod.exe` visible on public networks without
running in "Secure Mode" with the :setting:`auth` setting. MongoDB is
designed to be run in trusted environments, and the database does not
enable "Secure Mode" by default.
.. include:: /includes/steps/run-mongodb-on-windows.rst
.. _manually-create-windows-service:
Configure a Windows Service for MongoDB Community Edition
.. include:: /includes/steps/configure-windows-service-for-mongodb.rst
Manually Create a Windows Service for MongoDB Community Edition
You can set up the MongoDB server as a :guilabel:`Windows Service` that
starts automatically at boot time.
The following procedure assumes you have installed MongoDB Community using the
``.msi`` installer with the path ``C:\mongodb\``.
If you have installed in an alternative directory, you will need to
adjust the paths as appropriate.
.. include:: /includes/steps/create-manually-windows-service-for-mongodb.rst