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+## Contributing to the MongoDB C Driver
+Thank you for your interest in contributing to the MongoDB C driver.
+We are building this software together and strongly encourage contributions
+from the community that are within the guidelines set forth below.
+Bug Fixes and New Features
+Before starting to write code, look for existing [tickets]
+( or [create one]
+for your bug, issue, or feature request.
+This helps the community avoid working on something that might not be of interest
+or which has already been addressed.
+Pull Requests
+Pull requests should be made against the master (development)
+branch and include relevant tests, if applicable. The driver follows
+the Git-Flow branching model where the traditional master branch is
+known as release and the master (default) branch is considered under
+Tests should pass on your environment with the C compiler selected by the build process.
+If possible, please run tests on other environments and with other C compilers as well.
+Please verify with both of the following
+* make test
+* scons test
+The results of pull request testing will be appended to the request.
+If any tests do not pass, or relevant tests are not included,
+the pull request will not be accepted.
+Talk To Us
+We love to hear from you. If you want to work on something or have
+questions / complaints please reach out to us by creating a [question]

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