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.NET Driver Version 2.4.0

The main new feature of 2.4.0 is support for the new features of the 3.4 version of the server:

  • New Decimal128 data type
  • New convention for automapping immutable classes for serialization
  • New IAggregateFluent methods
    • Bucket and BucketAuto
    • Count
    • Facet
    • GraphLookup
    • ReplaceRoot
    • SortByCount
  • New PipelineDefinitionBuilder for building pipelines for CreateView and Facet
  • New MaxStaleness property for ReadPreference
  • Configurable HeartbeatInterval
  • Support for collations
  • Driver identifies itself to the server when connecting
  • Support for creating read-only views
  • Commands that write now support WriteConcern
  • LINQ supports new methods: Aggregate, Reverse, Zip

An online version of these release notes is available at:

The JIRA tickets resolved in this release is available at:


We believe there are only minor breaking changes in classes that normally would not be directly used by applications.

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