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MongoDB Entity Framework Core Provider Preview

This project is currently in preview and not recommended for production use yet.

Getting Started

Setup a DbContext with your desired entities and configuration

internal class PlanetDbContext : DbContext
    public DbSet<Planet> Planets { get; init; }

    public static PlanetDbContext Create(IMongoDatabase database) =>
        new(new DbContextOptionsBuilder<PlanetDbContext>()
            .UseMongoDB(database.Client, database.DatabaseNamespace.DatabaseName)

    public PlanetDbContext(DbContextOptions options)
        : base(options)

    protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)

And then to get going with the DbContext

var mongoConnectionString = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("MONGODB_URI");
var mongoClient = new MongoClient(mongoConnectionString);
var db = PlanetDbContext.Create(mongoClient.GetDatabase("planets"));

Limitations & Roadmap

This preview has a number of limitations at this time. Please consider the following support matrix.

Supported in Preview 1

  • Entity Framework Core 7 & .NET 7 or later
  • Querying with Where, Find, First, Single, OrderBy, ThenBy, Skip, Take
  • Top-level aggregates of Any, Count, LongCount
  • Mapping properties to BSON Element Names using [Column] attribute or HasElementName("name") method
  • Mapping entities to collections using [Table("name")] attribute or ToCollection("name") method
  • Composite keys
  • Properties with typical CLR types (int, string, Guid, decimal), Mongo types (ObjectId, Decimal128) and "value" objects
  • Properties containing arrays and lists of simple CLR types as well as "value" objects

Roadmap for next releases

  • Entity Framework Core 8 & .NET 8 or later
  • Select projections
  • Sum, Average, Min, Max etc.
  • Value converters
  • Type discriminators
  • Logging
  • Transactions
  • Mapping configuration options

Not supported but considering for future releases

  • ExecuteUpdate & ExecuteDelete
  • Properties with dictionary type
  • Binary/byte array properties
  • Keyless entity types
  • Additional CLR types (DateOnly, TimeOnly etc).
  • EF shadow properties
  • GroupBy operations
  • Relationships between entities
  • Includes/joins
  • Foreign keys and navigation traversal

Not supported out-of-scope features

  • Schema migrations
  • Database-first & model-first
  • Alternate keys
  • Document (table) splitting
  • Temporal tables
  • Spacial data
  • Timeseries
  • Atlas search


Questions/Bug Reports

If you’ve identified a security vulnerability in a driver or any other MongoDB project, please report it according to the instructions here.


Please see our guidelines for contributing to the driver.