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package mongo
import (
// batchCursor is the interface implemented by types that can provide batches of document results.
// The Cursor type is built on top of this type.
type batchCursor interface {
// ID returns the ID of the cursor.
ID() int64
// Next returns true if there is a batch available.
Next(context.Context) bool
// Batch will return a DocumentSequence for the current batch of documents. The returned
// DocumentSequence is only valid until the next call to Next or Close.
Batch() *bsoncore.DocumentSequence
// Server returns a pointer to the cursor's server.
Server() driver.Server
// Err returns the last error encountered.
Err() error
// Close closes the cursor.
Close(context.Context) error
// pbrtBatchCursor is the interface implemented by batch cursors that also provide the functionality for retrieving
// a postBatchResumeToken from commands.
type pbrtBatchCursor interface {
// PostBatchResumeToken returns the latest seen post batch resume token.
PostBatchResumeToken() bsoncore.Document
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