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// Copyright (C) MongoDB, Inc. 2017-present.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
// not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
// a copy of the License at
package mongo
import (
// ErrUnacknowledgedWrite is returned from functions that have an unacknowledged
// write concern.
var ErrUnacknowledgedWrite = errors.New("unacknowledged write")
// ErrClientDisconnected is returned when a user attempts to call a method on a
// disconnected client
var ErrClientDisconnected = errors.New("client is disconnected")
// ErrNilDocument is returned when a user attempts to pass a nil document or filter
// to a function where the field is required.
var ErrNilDocument = errors.New("document is nil")
// ErrEmptySlice is returned when a user attempts to pass an empty slice as input
// to a function wehere the field is required.
var ErrEmptySlice = errors.New("must provide at least one element in input slice")
func replaceTopologyErr(err error) error {
if err == topology.ErrTopologyClosed {
return ErrClientDisconnected
return err
// WriteError is a non-write concern failure that occurred as a result of a write
// operation.
type WriteError struct {
Index int
Code int
Message string
func (we WriteError) Error() string { return we.Message }
// WriteErrors is a group of non-write concern failures that occurred as a result
// of a write operation.
type WriteErrors []WriteError
func (we WriteErrors) Error() string {
var buf bytes.Buffer
fmt.Fprint(&buf, "write errors: [")
for idx, err := range we {
if idx != 0 {
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, ", ")
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, "{%s}", err)
fmt.Fprint(&buf, "]")
return buf.String()
func writeErrorsFromResult(rwes []result.WriteError) WriteErrors {
wes := make(WriteErrors, 0, len(rwes))
for _, err := range rwes {
wes = append(wes, WriteError{Index: err.Index, Code: err.Code, Message: err.ErrMsg})
return wes
// WriteConcernError is a write concern failure that occurred as a result of a
// write operation.
type WriteConcernError struct {
Code int
Message string
Details bson.Raw
func (wce WriteConcernError) Error() string { return wce.Message }
func convertBulkWriteErrors(errors []driver.BulkWriteError) []BulkWriteError {
bwErrors := make([]BulkWriteError, 0, len(errors))
for _, err := range errors {
bwErrors = append(bwErrors, BulkWriteError{
Index: err.Index,
Code: err.Code,
Message: err.ErrMsg,
return bwErrors
func convertWriteConcernError(wce *result.WriteConcernError) *WriteConcernError {
if wce == nil {
return nil
return &WriteConcernError{Code: wce.Code, Message: wce.ErrMsg, Details: wce.ErrInfo}
// BulkWriteError is an error for one operation in a bulk write.
type BulkWriteError struct {
Request WriteModel
func (bwe BulkWriteError) Error() string {
var buf bytes.Buffer
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, "{%s}", bwe.WriteError)
return buf.String()
// BulkWriteException is an error for a bulk write operation.
type BulkWriteException struct {
WriteConcernError *WriteConcernError
WriteErrors []BulkWriteError
func (bwe BulkWriteException) Error() string {
var buf bytes.Buffer
fmt.Fprint(&buf, "bulk write error: [")
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, "{%s}, ", bwe.WriteErrors)
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, "{%s}]", bwe.WriteConcernError)
return buf.String()
// returnResult is used to determine if a function calling processWriteError should return
// the result or return nil. Since the processWriteError function is used by many different
// methods, both *One and *Many, we need a way to differentiate if the method should return
// the result and the error.
type returnResult int
const (
rrNone returnResult = 1 << iota // None means do not return the result ever.
rrOne // One means return the result if this was called by a *One method.
rrMany // Many means return the result is this was called by a *Many method.
rrAll returnResult = rrOne | rrMany // All means always return the result.
// processWriteError handles processing the result of a write operation. If the retrunResult matches
// the calling method's type, it should return the result object in addition to the error.
// This function will wrap the errors from other packages and return them as errors from this package.
// WriteConcernError will be returned over WriteErrors if both are present.
func processWriteError(wce *result.WriteConcernError, wes []result.WriteError, err error) (returnResult, error) {
switch {
case err == command.ErrUnacknowledgedWrite:
return rrAll, ErrUnacknowledgedWrite
case err != nil:
return rrNone, replaceTopologyErr(err)
case wce != nil:
return rrMany, WriteConcernError{Code: wce.Code, Message: wce.ErrMsg}
case len(wes) > 0:
return rrMany, writeErrorsFromResult(wes)
return rrAll, nil