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// Copyright (C) MongoDB, Inc. 2017-present.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
// not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
// a copy of the License at
package options
// AutoEncryptionOptions represents options used to configure auto encryption/decryption behavior for a mongo.Client
// instance.
// Automatic encryption is an enterprise only feature that only applies to operations on a collection. Automatic
// encryption is not supported for operations on a database or view, and operations that are not bypassed will result
// in error. Too bypass automatic encryption for all operations, set BypassAutoEncryption=true.
// Auto encryption requires the authenticated user to have the listCollections privilege action.
// If automatic encryption fails on an operation, use a MongoClient configured with bypassAutoEncryption=true and use
// ClientEncryption.encrypt() to manually encrypt values.
// Enabling Client Side Encryption reduces the maximum document and message size (using a maxBsonObjectSize of 2MiB and
// maxMessageSizeBytes of 6MB) and may have a negative performance impact.
type AutoEncryptionOptions struct {
KeyVaultClientOptions *ClientOptions
KeyVaultNamespace string
KmsProviders map[string]map[string]interface{}
SchemaMap map[string]interface{}
BypassAutoEncryption *bool
ExtraOptions map[string]interface{}
// AutoEncryption creates a new AutoEncryptionOptions configured with default values.
func AutoEncryption() *AutoEncryptionOptions {
return &AutoEncryptionOptions{}
// SetKeyVaultClientOptions specifies options for the client used to communicate with the key vault collection. If this is
// not set, the client used to do encryption will be re-used for key vault communication.
func (a *AutoEncryptionOptions) SetKeyVaultClientOptions(opts *ClientOptions) *AutoEncryptionOptions {
a.KeyVaultClientOptions = opts
return a
// SetKeyVaultNamespace specifies the namespace of the key vault collection. This is required.
func (a *AutoEncryptionOptions) SetKeyVaultNamespace(ns string) *AutoEncryptionOptions {
a.KeyVaultNamespace = ns
return a
// SetKmsProviders specifies options for KMS providers. This is required.
func (a *AutoEncryptionOptions) SetKmsProviders(providers map[string]map[string]interface{}) *AutoEncryptionOptions {
a.KmsProviders = providers
return a
// SetSchemaMap specifies a map from namespace to local schema document. Schemas supplied in the schemaMap only apply
// to configuring automatic encryption for client side encryption. Other validation rules in the JSON schema will not
// be enforced by the driver and will result in an error.
// Supplying a schemaMap provides more security than relying on JSON Schemas obtained from the server. It protects
// against a malicious server advertising a false JSON Schema, which could trick the client into sending unencrypted
// data that should be encrypted.
func (a *AutoEncryptionOptions) SetSchemaMap(schemaMap map[string]interface{}) *AutoEncryptionOptions {
a.SchemaMap = schemaMap
return a
// SetBypassAutoEncryption specifies whether or not auto encryption should be done.
func (a *AutoEncryptionOptions) SetBypassAutoEncryption(bypass bool) *AutoEncryptionOptions {
a.BypassAutoEncryption = &bypass
return a
// SetExtraOptions specifies a map of options to configure the mongocryptd process.
func (a *AutoEncryptionOptions) SetExtraOptions(extraOpts map[string]interface{}) *AutoEncryptionOptions {
a.ExtraOptions = extraOpts
return a
// MergeAutoEncryptionOptions combines the argued AutoEncryptionOptions in a last-one wins fashion.
func MergeAutoEncryptionOptions(opts ...*AutoEncryptionOptions) *AutoEncryptionOptions {
aeo := AutoEncryption()
for _, opt := range opts {
if opt == nil {
if opt.KeyVaultClientOptions != nil {
aeo.KeyVaultClientOptions = opt.KeyVaultClientOptions
if opt.KeyVaultNamespace != "" {
aeo.KeyVaultNamespace = opt.KeyVaultNamespace
if opt.KmsProviders != nil {
aeo.KmsProviders = opt.KmsProviders
if opt.SchemaMap != nil {
aeo.SchemaMap = opt.SchemaMap
if opt.BypassAutoEncryption != nil {
aeo.BypassAutoEncryption = opt.BypassAutoEncryption
if opt.ExtraOptions != nil {
aeo.ExtraOptions = opt.ExtraOptions
return aeo
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