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1.0.0 / 2012-04-09

  • Fixed file distribution for streaming addon files
  • Fixed Thrift dep for cdh3.
  • Add treasury yield example build support.
  • Added a Streaming Example M/R job with enron email corpus
  • HADOOP-29 - removes excessive logging for each tuple stored in MongoDB (RJurney)
  • Streaming: Add support for python generators in reduce functions (MLew)
  • Pig: Fix for exporting tuples to mongodb as map
  • Fixed CDH4 build flags to correct compilation step.
  • Fixed Hadoop build for dependencies across versions.
  • Added a "load-sample-data" task to use for loading samples into mongo for testing/demos
  • Hadoop 0.22.x support now works for those who need it (although I believe it's a deprecated branch)
  • Stock Apache 0.23.x now builds, using the actual 0.23.1 release... insanity around the MapReduce dep
  • added twitter hashtag examples
  • Relocate Pymongo_Hadoop module to a new "language_Support" subdirectory. Created a file to build an egg / package. Available on PyPi as 'pymongo_hadoop'.
  • Fixed pymongo_hadoop output to use BSON.encode
  • Added support to streaming for the -file flag to distribute files out to the cluster if they don't exist.
  • Make InputFormat and OutputFormat implied on Streaming jobs, defaulting to the Mongo ones.
  • Streaming now builds as a fat assembly jar and works.
  • Added an 0.23 / cdh4 build. No longer allow raw "cdh" or "cloudera" build artifacts to avoid confusion as to 'which cloudera?'
  • Added a .23 build, based on Cloudera's current distro (should be binary compatible with stock)
  • If combiner is not specified, do not pass it to Hadoop. While the combiner should be optional, giving Hadoop a null combiner will result in a NullPointerException.

1.0.0-rc0 / 2012-02-12

  • Initial Release, Release Candidate
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