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fix the pig tutorial example, add explanations of jar registers

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1 parent f9ffcaf commit ccfac06c58bcee5b7ecd26ff75d295799d6ff84d @mpobrien mpobrien committed Nov 28, 2012
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@@ -22,17 +22,24 @@
-- Register the tutorial JAR file so that the included UDFs can be called in the script.
--- Based on the Pig tutorial ,modified for Mongo support tests
+-- Based on the Pig tutorial, modified for Mongo support tests
+-- Modify these three paths so that they point to the jar files built for your distribution of hadoop.
REGISTER target/mongo-hadoop.jar;
REGISTER pig/target/mongo-hadoop-pig.jar
REGISTER core/target/mongo-hadoop-core.jar
+-- Modify this path to refer to the mongoDB java driver JAR file
+-- download here:
REGISTER examples/pigtutorial/lib/mongo-java-driver.jar;
-REGISTER examples/pigtutorial/lib/pigtutorial.jar;
+-- Modify this path to refer to the jar file of the pig tutorial.
+-- You can build it by running "ant jar" in the tutorial/ folder of your pig distribution.
+REGISTER examples/pigtutorial/lib/pigtutorial.jar;
-- Use the MongoLoader to query return the fields 'user', 'time', 'query' to Pig
-- Input: (user,time,query)
-raw = LOAD 'mongodb://localhost/demo.excitelog' USING com.mongodb.hadoop.pig.MongoLoader('user', 'time', 'query') AS (user, time, query);
+raw = LOAD 'mongodb://localhost/demo.excitelog' USING com.mongodb.hadoop.pig.MongoLoader('user:chararray, time:chararray, query:chararray') AS (user, time, query);
-- Call the NonURLDetector UDF to remove records if the query field is empty or a URL.
clean1 = FILTER raw BY org.apache.pig.tutorial.NonURLDetector(query);

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