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Mongo-Hadoop Ruby Streaming Support

This Gem provides Ruby language support for the MongoDB Hadoop Streaming Assembly.


First, make sure you have built the MongoDB Hadoop Adapter and Streaming Support.

Then gem install mongo-hadoop and start creating mappers and reducers. If you need some ideas, there are examples in the github repository.


The current Ruby implementation of streaming requires that the user define and pass a block to serve as a map function to the or MongoHadoop.kvmap methods.


The block passed to map takes a single argument which is the document to be processed by the mapper function. It needs to then emit (return) one document.


The key-value mapper, kvmap, takes two arguments, a key and a value, and must return an array in which the first element is the key to be emitted and the second is a value docuement.


#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'mongo-hadoop' do |document|
  { :_id => doc['_id'], :value => doc['somefield'] }


Creating a reducer is similar. The user defines a block to serve as the reduce function.


The block passed to reduce should take two arguments, a key and an array of values. It should iterate over the values and reduce the data by producing a single document that has an _id field with the key and other fields with some reduction of the data (sum, count, etc...)


The key-value reducer should function similarly in that it takes a key and array of values but returns an array with the key as the first element and a value as the second.


#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'mongo-hadoop'

MongoHadoop.reduce do |key, values|
  count = sum = 0

  values.each do |value|
    count += 1
    sum += value['num']

  { :_id => key, :average => sum / count }

Running Map-Reduce with Hadoop Streaming

To run your data through these map-reduce functions first define the mapper and reducer in seperate files and make them executable.

Also define an executable shell script which runs the following:

hadoop jar <location of streaming assembly jar> -mapper <your mapper> -reducer <your reducer> -inputURI <uri of input collection> -outputURI <uri of output collection>

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