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MongoDB Flume Adapter

Provides integration for Flume and MongoDB, currently as a sink only (Data can be written to MongoDB)

You'll need to copy this directory into flume's source directory under 'plugins'.

Run ant jar, copy the mongodb-flume-plugin.jar into flume's lib, and add the following to conf/flume-conf.xml:

  <description>Comma separated list of plugin classes</description>

From there, you can configure MongoDB as a sink using our Standard URI Format.

A simple test script, using the pigtutorial sample log:

flume node_nowatch -l -s -n dump -c 'dump: text("/Users/bwmcadams/code/mongodb/mongo-hadoop/examples/pigtutorial/resources/excite-small.log") | mongoDBSink("mongodb://localhost/test.flume");'

This will dump the contents of the input file as logged events into the test databasse, flume collection.

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