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Contributing to the MongoDB Java Driver

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the MongoDB Java driver.

We are building this software together and strongly encourage contributions from the community that are within the guidelines set forth below.

Bug Fixes and New Features

Before starting to write code, look for existing tickets or create one for your bug, issue, or feature request. This helps the community avoid working on something that might not be of interest or which has already been addressed.

Pull Requests

Pull requests should generally be made against the master (default) branch and include relevant tests, if applicable.

Code should compile and tests should pass under all Java versions which the driver currently supports. Currently the Java driver supports a minimum version of Java 6. Please run './gradlew test' to confirm. By default, running the tests requires that you started a mongod server on localhost, listening on the default port and configured to run with enableTestCommands, which may be set with the --setParameter enableTestCommands=1 command-line parameter. At minimum, please test against the latest release version of the MongoDB server.

The results of pull request testing will be appended to the request. If any tests do not pass, or relevant tests are not included, the pull request will not be considered.

Talk To Us

If you want to work on something or have questions / complaints please reach out to us by creating a Question issue at (!default.jspa).