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The OSGi metadata has been improved, using the Bnd tool ( to generate it rather than maintaining a MANIFEST.MF file by hand.

Improvements include:

  1. The exported packages are versioned. This is vital for consumers that need to target a specific version (or range of versions) of the API.
  2. The required package is now explicitly imported.
  3. The org.testng and org.testng.annotations packages are dependencies but have been marked as optional.
  4. Thanks to Bnd, the dependencies specified in the manifest will always reflect the actual dependencies present in the code, as the code evolves.

+1 Please merge these changes. It's really not possible to use the driver in an OSGi environment without hand-editing the manifest in the jar (adding the versions to the exported packages). I'm testing with Virgo, and can provide a simple client to test this if needed.


I just merged Neil's af38e1c to a branch made from the stable r2.6.3, and the driver works well in Virgo 2.1.1.

The only hassle is to manually update the version in mongo.bnd; but that's much easier than maintaining the manifest by hand.


Closing old pull requests. If the requirement is still valid, please feel free to submit a new pull request against the current driver code.

@trishagee trishagee closed this Jul 2, 2013
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