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Take a look at this. i wanted you guys to take a look before i did too much.

Shekharv added some commits Dec 13, 2011
@Shekharv Shekharv
first set of changes.
1.) Most classes now use their canonical name to register the logger so that the log entries will be more consistent and we can enable disable logging on a package level too as opposed to having to go against dynamic logger names.
2.) changed/fixed a test case. DBCursorTest. added so that the find() query will actually get some data.

a couple of TODOs that still need to fixed in another pass.
@Shekharv Shekharv
Removing some TODOs. At this point ReplicaSetStatus is the only one that still needs to be fixed.

Can you pull this out (and the other one). We have modified getServerAddress() to solve this problem in master. Thx.

@Shekharv Shekharv
Removing the in two testcases from DBCursorTest



so, what's next?

Shekharv commented Jan 6, 2012

any comments?

jyemin commented Dec 30, 2012

I consider logger name changes to be backwards breaking, so tabling this until 3.0 release.

@jyemin jyemin closed this Dec 30, 2012
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