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Java Driver 3.0.0 (March 31, 2015)

The 3.0.0 MongoDB Java Driver is a major release that includes bug fixes, new features, and improvements.

As a major release, it is not binary or source compatible with the 2.x release series.

It supports MongoDB server versions from the 2.2 release through the most recent 3.0 release.

The 3.0 Java driver is not a required upgrade for MongoDB 3.0. The 2.13.0 release is the minimum required for full compatibility with MongoDB 3.0.

Reference documentation

The new documentation hub includes extensive documentation of the 3.0 driver, including

and much more.

API Documentation




Bug fixes

You can find a full list of bug fixes here.

New Features

You can find a full list of new features here.


You can find a full list of improvements here.