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The Java driver for MongoDB
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Latest commit 5eb70e2 @jyemin jyemin JAVA-2100: Standardize error message when unknown BSON type is encoun…
…ter during decoding.

  "Detected unknown BSON type "\x16" for fieldname "a". Are you using the latest driver version?"

  This will help users who start using new BSON types in newer server versions, but have not yet upgraded their driver.
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bson JAVA-2100: Standardize error message when unknown BSON type is encoun…
config JAVA-908: Support write concern for findAndModify command
docs Updating docs landing page to reference 3.2.1 and 2.14.1 releases
driver-async JAVA-2009: Fix async MongoClient listener registration test to apply …
driver-core JAVA-2105: When $explain : true is in find operation modifiers, use e…
driver In DBCursor test, don't combine use of $explain modifier and DBCursor…
gradle Updated gradle
mongo-java-driver JAVA-1857, JAVA-1998: Rolling back the changed introduced by JAVA-185…
util Add a new test category for slow tests that either don't need a runni…
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.gitignore Removed first pass at docs site layout
.travis.yml Updated travis.yml build Updated contributing guide to reflect the current best practices on t… Release r2.7.3
Issues.txt Renamed Serializer class to Codec, created two sub-interfaces called …
LICENSE.txt Fix Async Streams timeout behaviour Updated build instructions
build.gradle Bump to 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT Created a check in the build to let us turn off running @Slow tests. …
gradlew Added Gradle wrapper support, idea configuration from gradle, and che…
gradlew.bat added gradlew.bat for windows users.
settings.gradle Normalize copyright headers
settings.jar Applied standards across codecase:

Release Notes

Release notes are available here.

API Documentation:

Javadoc for all major and minor releases is available here.

Support / Feedback

For issues with, questions about, or feedback for the MongoDB Java driver, please look into our support channels. Please do not email any of the Java driver developers directly with issues or questions - you're more likely to get an answer on the mongodb-user list on Google Groups.

At a minimum, please include in your description the exact version of the driver that you are using. If you are having connectivity issues, it's often also useful to paste in the line of code where you construct the MongoClient instance, along with the values of all parameters that you pass to the constructor. You should also check your application logs for any connectivity-related exceptions and post those as well.

Bugs / Feature Requests

Think you’ve found a bug? Want to see a new feature in the Java driver? Please open a case in our issue management tool, JIRA:

Bug reports in JIRA for the driver and the Core Server (i.e. SERVER) project are public.

If you’ve identified a security vulnerability in a driver or any other MongoDB project, please report it according to the instructions here.


Major increments (such as 2.x -> 3.x) will occur when break changes are being made to the public API. All methods and classes removed in a major release will have been deprecated in a prior release of the previous major release branch, and/or otherwise called out in the release notes.

Minor 3.x increments (such as 3.1, 3.2, etc) will occur when non-trivial new functionality is added or significant enhancements or bug fixes occur that may have behavioral changes that may affect some edge cases (such as dependence on behavior resulting from a bug). An example of an enhancement is a method or class added to support new functionality added to the MongoDB server. Minor releases will almost always be binary compatible with prior minor releases from the same major release branch, exept as noted below.

Patch 3.x.y increments (such as 3.0.0 -> 3.0.1, 3.1.1 -> 3.1.2, etc) will occur for bug fixes only and will always be binary compitible with prior patch releases of the same minor release branch.


APIs marked with the @Beta annotation at the class or method level are subject to change. They can be modified in any way, or even removed, at any time. If your code is a library itself (i.e. it is used on the CLASSPATH of users outside your own control), you should not use beta APIs, unless you repackage them (e.g. by using shading, etc).


APIs marked with the @Deprecated annotation at the class or method level will remain supported until the next major release but it is recommended to stop using them.


All code inside the com.mongodb.internal.* packages is considered private API and should not be relied upon at all. It can change at any time.


Binaries and dependency information for Maven, Gradle, Ivy and others can be found at

Example for Maven:


For an all-in-one jar (which embeds the core driver and bson):


Snapshot builds are also published regulary via Sonatype.

Example for Maven:


For binaries containing the asynchronous API, see the driver-async README.


To build and test the driver:

$ git clone
$ cd mongo-java-driver
$ ./gradlew check

The test suite requires mongod to be running with enableTestCommands.

Build status:

Build Status | Build Status



Additional contributors can be found here.


YourKit is supporting this open source project with its YourKit Java Profiler.

JetBrains is supporting this open source project with:

Intellij IDEA

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