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@@ -17,15 +17,12 @@
from pymongo.json_util import object_hook
optparser = OptionParser()
-optparser.add_option('--rhost', dest='rhost', help='host for mongodb to write results to', type='string', default='localhost')
-optparser.add_option('--rport', dest='rport', help='port for mongodb to write results to', type='string', default='30000')
-optparser.add_option('--mongod', dest='mongod', help='path to mongod executable', type='string', default='.')
optparser.add_option('-p', '--port', dest='port', help='test port for mongo-perf to run against', type='string', default='30000')
optparser.add_option('-n', '--iterations', dest='iterations', help='number of iterations to test', type='string', default='100000')
optparser.add_option('-s', '--mongos', dest='mongos', help='send all requests through mongos', action='store_true', default=False)
optparser.add_option('--nolaunch', dest='nolaunch', help='use mongod already running on port', action='store_true', default=False)
optparser.add_option('-m', '--multidb', dest='multidb', help='use a separate db for each connection', action='store_true', default=False)
-optparser.add_option('-l', '--label', dest='label', help='performance testing host', type='string', default='')
+optparser.add_option('-l', '--label', dest='label', help='name to record (useful with nolaunch)', type='string', default='<git version>')
optparser.add_option('-u', '--username', dest='username', help='Username to use for authentication.', type='string', default='')
optparser.add_option('--password', dest='password', help='Password to use for authentication.', type='string', default='')

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